About your Operation

Regarding your eye operation

  • You should have completed the patient pre-admission forms
  • Make arrangements for someone to bring you to the hospital and collect you after your procedure, generally three to five hours from the time of your arrival.
  • The hospital will contact you one or two days prior to surgery to confirm your pre-admission details and arrival time.
  • You may be required to fast. Your anaesthetist will give you instructions regarding this. If you haven’t received these please contact them.
  • Please arrive at the confirmed time.
  • Wear casual clothes.
  • Do not bring any valuables. We cannot be responsible for the loss of your valuables so please wear only minimum of jewellery – a wedding band is permitted.
  • Please bring some change for street parking and the eye drops your Ophthalmologist may prescribe you.
  • Following your procedure, the person who is collecting you will be contacted and given a time for your discharge.

If you have Health Insurance:

  • For peace of mind contact your health fund prior to admission to check whether your procedure is covered under your current level of cover and what they will pay for.

After your operation

  • You may have had a sedation and must not drive a car, drink alcohol, travel alone, make important decisions or use machinery for the next 24 hours.
  • We suggest that you take it easy for the remainder of the day. If you live alone we highly recommend you have a responsible adult stay with you for the 24 hours following your surgery.
  • Be aware of pets or small children near your face as they may accidentally bump your eye. If in a crowd of people wear spectacles or dark glasses to protect your eye.
  • Glasses should be worn outside for protection from glare. Prescription glasses used prior to the procedure may no longer be suitable. Magnifying glasses from your chemist are a cheap alternative for glasses whilst your eyes are settling.
  • You may experience some eye discomfort with a scratchy sensation in your eye for up to a week or two after the operation. Take Panadol or Voltaren 25mg (providing no contraindications) as necessary.